We are Your Local Central Coast Workers’ Compensation Law Firm

Mr. Harvey has been a lawyer for over 30 years. Our office is located on the Central Coast. Mr. Harvey knows the insurance companies' tricks because he started his career working for them. Over the last 25 years he has worked solely for injured workers.

We handle:  Farm Accidents, Factory Accidents, Office Injuries, Off Site Injuries, Repetitive Wear and Tear Injuries.

Our friendly staff speaks Spanish and has been dealing with insurance companies for years.

James P. Harvey


Who is James Harvey?

Mr. Harvey earned his B.A. degree from the College of St. Thomas and his Juris Doctor degree from William Mitchell Law School, both in Minnesota. He left winters behind when he moved to California over 30 years ago. He started his career working for Legal Aid helping low income and senior citizen clients. Then he worked for an insurance company for 5 years learning the strategies of workers' compensation cases in a high volume practice. About 25 years ago, Mr. Harvey began his own firm working solely for injured workers.  He has enjoyed fighting for Central Coast employees from Santa Barbara to Salinas.


Mr. Harvey is an explainer. You will learn that at the first appointment. He believes it is important for the client to understand their case and what options lie ahead. He describes the law and how the system works. Mr. Harvey will schedule client meetings throughout a case to keep each other on the same page. By working together an attorney and injured worker can maximize necessary medical treatment and proper monetary compensation.


Mr. Harvey has been on the Central Coast for 25 years.  He knows the local doctors, judges and opposing attorneys.  Some attorneys will advertise a local office and an 805 telephone number, but they really have a home office several hundred miles away.  A visiting attorney cannot know the local doctors and judges the way a Central Coast lawyer does.  If you do not hire us, at least hire another attorney that is permanently located on the Central Coast. 

Workers comp is all we do.  James Harvey is a Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation, by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.